How to Start With Dojo Manager

Whether you want to start a martial arts school or you are allready a successful martial arts instructor, the web based software Dojo Manager will support you. With six easy steps you can start with the online software. Initially configure your Dojo, set up the different ranks and assign criteria for belt tests. Subsequently you can create the students of your Dojo.

Configure your Dojo

After you finished the registration process and confirmed the activation mail, you can configure your Dojo after the first login. For this purpose you can insert different information for your Dojo. These will appear later for example on invoices which you will send to your students.

Add Ranks and Criteria

Add different ranks to your Dojo and define their order. In addition you can define the length of a probation period and the price for each rank.

Afterwards you can assign the criteria to each rank, which needs to be fulfilled by each belt test. The criteria are shown in the progress tab of each student and in the testing protocol.

Add Students

Within the setup process you can insert several information of a student. Later you can edit and update these information within the contact section.