Martial arts software for Karate, Judo, Aikido and other martial arts dojos

Each martial art has different ranks, belt colors, syllabuses and titles. In Karate there are different criteria relevant than in Aikido.

Martial Arts Styles

Dojo Manager supports therefore different belt belt colors, individual syllabuses for each rank and variable martial arts titles. Because of this the online software Dojo Manager is suitable for example for the following martial arts styles:

  • Aikidō (Aikikai Hombu Dōjō,
    Aikido-Bund or Aikido-Union)
  • Gōjū Ryū Karate
  • Jiu Jitsu /Jujutsu
  • Judo
  • Kempo Karate / Kenpo Karate
  • Kendō
  • Kobudō
  • Naginata
  • Ninjutsu / Bujinkan
  • Shitō Ryū Karate
  • Shōtōkan Karate
  • Wadō Ryū Karate

Ranks, Belts and Belt Colors

Belt colors and ranks can be defined individually by each Dojo because each martial art has different rank structures and they can sometimes vary from one Dojo to another. In Karate someone can find with in the different styles also different graduations. Within the Karate styles Gōjū-Ryū, Wadō-Ryū and Shōtōkan for the ranks 9th Kyū to 1st Kyū the colors white, yellow, orange, green, blue, blue, brown, brown and brown are used. In Judo the student degrees 9th Kyū to 1st Kyū often the belt colors white, white-yellow, yellow-orange, orange-green, blue and brown are used. In Aikio it depends whether Aikido is taught by the guidelines of the Aikikai, the Aikido Union, Deutsche Aikido Bund or any other Aikido organisation.

Criteria and Curriculum

Set for each rank the formal requirements as single criteria. If you teach Karate for example than this could be Kata like Heian Nidan or Heian Shodan. If you teach Aikido than it can be techniques like Irimi Nage or Shiho Nage.

This requirements are used by the accomplishment of trainings or belt testings and saved within the student profile.

Martial Arts Titles

In many asian martial arts different titles are assigned to instructors. Because of this tradition in Dojo Manager it is possible to define different titles and assign them to a student. The following honorary title are e.g. possible:

  • Sempai
  • Sensei
  • Shihan
  • Kyoshi
  • Hanshi