Allways maintain the overview

With Dojo Manager all information are clearly structured and located at one central place. The organization of your Dojo will be as easy as possible and you allways maintain the overview.

Manage Your Students

The people are the core of the Dojo. Facilitate the training by having all the relevant information of your students at one place such as contact information, personal data or membership information.

Track Progress

One goal of the martial arts training is the progress of each student. As an individual each student has different challenges. It is important to follow up the progress of every student and Dojo Manager can help you track it.

Track Attendance

... for Classes and Events. The progress of a student often correlates with the time he or she spends in Dojo. The intensity of attendance of additional events like seminars or tournaments sometimes shows also how much someone is interested to learn the martial art.

Manage Orders and Invoices

The financial health of your Dojo depends on generating enough revenue for investments (such as the rent). It is important that you can easily create invoices and follow up payments.

Organize Promotions

When was the student promoted to which rank? Dojo Manager makes it easy to keep the overview on each promotion. You can also schedule new promotions and manage the existent.

Testing and Criteria

Before a student is promoted he will be tested by you as an instructor or by another martial artist. To pass a test a student needs to fulfill several creteria. Which creteria was fulfilled? Which not? What has to be improved? Dojo Manager will support you to keep track on each test and lets you record the potential for improvements.

Manage Memberships and Payments

Which student has signed in with which contract? Did the student paid the membership this month or has he outstanding payments? The management of memberships and payments is defined by stored contracts.

Manage Notes

Save important information in one place within the notes section. Use it for keeping track of your to-do lists, defining your next marketing campaign, your ideas about the training and the perspectives of your Dojo.

Configure your Dojo individually

Many martial art styles have different ranks and belt colors, different titles and different criteria for belt tests. In Dojo Manager you can define them individually.

Manage on the go

Did you ever tried to plan the next training in a bus or in the train? Dojo Manager uses a responsive design with a clean user interface which makes it accessible on cellphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Organize Your Stock

As a reseller of martial arts supplies you surely have products in your inventory. Categorize your items and keep the quantity of each product with Dojo Manager.