. Dojo Manager: 06/18/20: "Sanno" Release Online

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Sanno Release Online

June 18th, 2020, Zurich - We have named this release after the Sanno Festival. The Sanno Festival is one of the three great festivals of Edo (as Tokyo was once called), alongside the Kanda Festival and the Fukugawa Festival. The festival is held annually, however, due to Corona it has been postponed to next year. We are celebrating anyways!

What has changed?

  • We have fixed various inconsistencies with respect to currency handling. Sanno introduces the concept of a fixed (global) currency that is always used for your accounting, but selectable currencies for purchases in foreign currencies. In order to have a consistent accounting, Sanno now prevents choosing varying currencies within the accounting. A booking receipt of an invoice billed in a foreign currency needs to be converted before it can enter the accounting. That will make sure your accounting is always in a consistent state.
  • Sanno brings full integration of the (already existing) inventory module. Now additions to the inventory items can create booking receipts for your accounting automatically. Invoices allow for line items to be selected from your stock, which is automatically updated.
  • Supplier statistics: While we always had the ability to track supplier contact details, we have now added a reports section in which the monthly purchases and sales per supplier are reported. Furthermore, the details view screen of the supplier shows the history of all purchases done from this supplier.
  • Timezone: Customers have reported issues with timezone handling. We listen - and we fix! Timezones were inconsistently handled in Dojo Manager at some places, noticeably the Dashboard. Make sure to double check your classes. In rare cases, you might need to 'edit' a class and save, so that the records stored will get updated properly.

We hope that you are all still safe and healthy - enjoy this June release and - as always - let us know if you need any help.

Dojo Manager Team ⛩