. Dojo Manager: 01/04/21: Oshōgatsu Release

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Oshōgatsu Release Online

January 4th, 2021, Zurich - Welcome Oshōgatsu (お正月). The Japanese New Year is the most important family celebration of the year. People visit religious institutions together, children receive gifts and, above all, there is a lot of eating and drinking.

What has improved?

  • We have added invoice-contract integration. In the new release, while adding an invoice item, you are not only able to select your stock items as invoice items. But you are now also able to choose a previously defined contract, which is then added as invoice item automagically. Of course, including the correct price. This allows for much easier invoice writing and has been one of the most requested features of 2020!
  • Another frequently requested feature is to be able to assign multiple classes to a student in one go. We have listened! While it has always been possible to assign a student to multiple classes, it had to be done individually per class/course, which can become quite tedious. Now, when you change a prospect to a student, he/she can be associated with as many classes as you have defined instantly!
  • We have been receiving report from a Security researcher that Dojo Manager should restrict uploading images to PNG and JPG - simply because other formats could be used to launch what is called a Cross-Site Scripting attack. We are very grateful for that insight and immediately fixed all relevant pieces of code. Remember, Dojo Manager takes security very serious and constantly tries to improve to protect all your valuable data. Thanks to April for the report!
  • Furthermore, we have been able to fix a whole bunch of tiny little bugs in the system. One, for example, was calculating the VAT sums incorrectly in rare cases. This is now fixed. If your Dojo uses VAT, look carefully into the sums being calculated on invoices.

We hope that you are all still safe and healthy - enjoy this January 2021 release and - as always - let us know if you need any help.

Dojo Manager Team ⛩