. Dojo Manager: 05/15/20: Release hitting Earth

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Sakura Release Hitting Earth

May 15th, 2020, Zurich - We have just released our latest and greatest release of Dojo Manager! Besides countless little bugs that we were able to fix, we are also adding various cool improvements all over the places. Sakura (桜) times!

What has changed?

  • When adding a receipt in your accounting, the receipt numbers are now automatically incremented. No need to click back and check. You can still manually change them of course.
  • Our page load times, especially for the Dashboard, have been cut! This means, Dojo Manager is now even quicker as it already used to be.
  • Currencies now have a proper translation. Overall, we tweaked our translations for our marital arts brothers and sisters in the French and Spanish speaking countries a lot. If you find more errors, please let us know!
  • Media/Press, Supplier and ‚Other‘ contacts no longer display a warning when not assigned to a class/contract. Well, if you managed to have your suppliers also attend your classes - congrats! That is still possible.
  • Printing views have been fixed and improved as well, for those who do like to generate lists, print them and use them in the Dojo. Sometimes, even we understand that paper comes in handy ☺

We hope that you are all still safe and healthy - enjoy this May release and - as always - let us know if you need any help.

Dojo Manager Dev Team ⛩