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Oshōgatsu Release Online

January 4th, 2021, Zurich - Welcome Oshōgatsu (お正月). The Japanese New Year is the most important family celebration of the year. People visit religious institutions together, children receive gifts and, above all, there is a lot of eating and drinking.

And sometimes there is a new Dojo Manager release, even!

Sanno Release Online

June 18th, 2020, Zurich - We have named this release after the Sanno Festival. The Sanno Festival is one of the three great festivals of Edo (as Tokyo was once called), alongside the Kanda Festival and the Fukugawa Festival. The festival is held annually, however, due to Corona it has been postponed to next year.

We are celebrating anyways!

Sakura Release Hitting Earth

May 15th, 2020, Zurich - We have just released our latest and greatest release of Dojo Manager! Besides countless little bugs that we were able to fix, we are also adding various cool improvements all over the places. Sakura (桜) times!

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Measures on COVID-19

March 27, 2020, Zurich - Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the associated closure of many school facilities of our "Dojo Manager" customers, we have decided today to take the following measures for our customers and new prospects.

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Dojo Manager acquired by Zanshin Budo

March 16, 2020, Zurich - After some months of abstinence we are happy to welcome you again on these pages! Dojo Manager is live again!

The Swiss company Zanshin Budo has acquired the software "Dojo Manager" in January 2020 and has worked hard to bring it back live as soon as possible. A lot of improvements have been done 'under the hood' and now is the time: We are ready!

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