. Dojo Manager: The Martial Arts Software for your School

Features and Benefits


In Dojo Manager you can retrieve relevant student-related information bundled and don't waste time by searching for different data from the past.


For each training you can plan and document the individual topics. You can keep track of the students who participated and which teacher it has headed.


After every training session, record the new techniques a student has received and take notes what progress he made. This allows you to very simply begin the next training session back where you stopped last time.

Belt Tests and Graduations

You can document belts exams traceable and know even after four years, yet why a student not has passed his test for blue belt.


With Dojo you can manage your orders and invoices centrally. You can see at a glance if there are unpaid bills or undelivered items.


In a central view all open memberships are shown, whereby the tracking of contributions and the contribution management are greatly simplified.


From invoicing, you can easily convert completed invoices in the incorporated accounting function. You can also assign all revenues and expenditures to a booking account and trace them within the booking journal.

Financial Report

With the integrated financial reporting your finances are transparent, and you keep a full overview of the income and expenditure of your dojo. All bookings are presented here according to the accounts and months.

Swiss Quality

Our servers are operated in a Swiss data center, audited according to ISAE 3402 and SSAE 16 Type II. We are subject to the strict privacy requirements of GDPR. Your data will always be transmitted encrypted (SSL).

What Users Say

One of the Best Dojo Manager offers around!

Stephan Fabel

Founder at Kwai Sun e.V.

Dojo Manager is almost perfect, contains all needed features for managing all the tasks in the dojo.

Mike Stone

10th Dan Shorin-Ryu Karate

Easy to use software solution, which focusses on dojo management and makes live easier for instructors to organize their classes.

Rebecca Gross

3th Dan Shitokai - Ikigaido Karate